I used to have a stack of recipe cards and clippings spilling out of a binder with various food stains and oil spots marking the many times I had grabbed for them. Sadly, the internet has changed that ritual. Now I grab for digital versions of my recipes. They are quick, efficient and easy to tweak, but I miss the tactile sense of those cards — the comfort that their marks of age and use gave me. So when my food-savvy friend Fedra invited me to cook with her, I got to thinking. How could I share that heirloom feeling? The result is a set of four tea towels — each featuring a single recipe. Together, the recipes make a lovely summer picnic. The towels are sweet and hopefully capture some of that nostalgia I felt when I grabbed for my recipe cards. You can pick your favorites, or save on the whole set.

Choose from a delicious Grape and Walnut Chicken Salad, a rich Spiced Tomato Jam with Lemon, an earthy and refreshing Honey and Lavender Lemonade, or delicate Cream Scones with Currants.

And, don’t forget to check out Fedra’s food blog, to see all the fun we had making the recipes! You can follow her at http://www.flavorandfriends.com.

IMG_2615-2 IMG_2640 IMG_2665 IMG_2649

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