M is for Muslin

In dressmaking a muslin is made as part of the process of tailoring a garment to fit a specific individual. This is a crucial step in altering a pattern so it fits just right and drapes properly. It is a test garment made of inexpensive unbleached muslin — a wonderfully soft and unassuming fabric (thus the name). I’m all about the muslin. The attention to detail, not rushing the creative process, persisting until it is just so… For me it’s about the fun of the design process, and bringing an idea to fruition. I love to be productive, but I’m not focused on mass-production. I enjoy producing small quantities of handmade items, and really thrive when I’m brainstorming a new pattern — thinking through how I want all the various elements to come together. Always chasing the next idea in the making. The muslin.

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